Otis Firearm Grease W/Short AP Brush, End Brush & Rod

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Delivering maximum friction protection for actions, triggers and slides, Grease is a high performance, bio-based formula with anti-wear and corrosion protection additives. The outcome is a formula that stands up to friction in high- and low- temperatures.

  • Aluminum complex thickener with anti-wear and corrosion protection additives delivers advanced protection against friction
  • Non toxic
  • Available in 0.5 oz. tube and features AP brush and end brush for precision application

Instructions for Use:

  1. Apply to all metal surfaces where grease is needed.
  2. Note: an all-purpose brush and mini end brush are included for precise application of grease.
  3. Remove excess grease using a dry cloth or patch.

For complete removal of grease, use Firearm Surface Prep Be sure to unload firearm. Refer to your firearm manual for proper maintenance of your firearm.

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