Rapala Countdown Elite 75mm 3 Inch

Size: 75MM
Colour: GDAY
Sale price$31.95


he Rapala Countdown Elite is a 7.5cm, 10grams, sinking, mid-water diving, minnow fishing lure that is weighted internally with tungsten polymer for maximum flight distance.

Made out of balsa wood, the lure will produce a moderate sinking speed, giving it plenty of time in the strike zone.

Designed with flat sides, the lure will produce excellent roll and twitching action to show off it sides to garner max flash, and a slow fluttering action as its falls.

This lure comes with dimpled lip that is designed to catch water, to produce a stable dive action, ensuring that the lure will not rise to the surface even in fast flowing downstream currents.

The Countdown Elite comes equipped with VMC’s 7554 thick wire gauge hooks.

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