Rapala Crush City Creeper Soft Plastics

Size: 6.5CM
Sale price$11.95


Creepin While you’re sleepin’!

The Creeper is a curl-tail grub with a difference. Easily one of the most popular shapes of soft plastics on the market the curl-tail grub is must for all anglers.

The Creeper takes the curl-tail grub to the next level. The Creeper is made using T.P.E material providing excellent durability and suppleness in the water. The T.P.E material has also been infused with shrimp scent producing a slow-release scent maximizing the appeal to predators.

The Creeper features Crush City’s new curl-tail designed that works on the slowest retrieves and will flutter seductively on the fall. Designed to match perfectly with the VMC Brawler Jig heads.

The addition of multiple paddle style legs under the body of the creeper serves multiple purposes. Firstly, they add movement and visual appeal to initiate strikes from the wariest of predators. They also creates more vibration during the retrieve, helping fish locate the Creeper in dirty water. Finally, they hold onto additional scent longer than that of tubular style curl-tail grubs.

The Core-shot colour range has been developed by tournament anglers here in Australia for our species and features natural and attractor patterns to cover all angling bases.

Product Specifications

Model Length Scent Qty per pack MSRP
Creeper 2.5inch Shrimp 8 $11.95

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