Rapala Crush City The Suspect Soft Plastics

Size: 7CM
Sale price$11.95


Designed to resemble the usual suspects of baitfish found in any water body.

The Suspect is a slim bodied soft plastic baitfish imitation. Made with T.P.E. material The Suspect provides anglers with an incredible supple yet durable baitfish presentation that fits in anywhere.

The Suspect has been infused with baitfish scent and salt directly into the body material to initiate strikes from even the weariest of predators.

The Suspect is incredibly versatile due to its shape and tight shimmering action, wherever, and whenever predators are feeding on small baitfish send in the The Suspect.

Designed to be run on a standard VMC Brawler Jighead but can be rigged on a weedless hook or with the addition of a jig-spinner.

Product Specifications

Model Length Scent Qty per Pack MSRP
The Suspect 2.75inch Baitfish 8 $11.95

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