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RCBS Case Lube Kit - 2

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The RCBS Case Lube kit is an ideal kit for reloaders looking to have all of the necessary equipment to properly lube cases. RCBS Case Lube-2 is a water soluble non-toxic lube that leaves behind no sticky residue. Simply squeeze a little on to the included pad and gently roll the cases over the pad to achieve an even coat. Then use the included brushes to put a little lube into the case necks.

Technical Information:

Material: Water soluble, non-toxic case lube
Quantity: 2oz Liquid
Container:Plastic Bottle
Features: No Sticky Residue
Kit Includes:
  • Case Lube Pad
  • 2 oz bottle of Case Lube-2
  • Accessory Handle with two case neck brushes for cases from 22 to 30 calibers
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