RCBS Matchmaster Competition Full Length Die Set 300 PRC

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RCBS MatchMaster Dies are the pinnacle of what a reloading die should be.

They are feature-rich with outstanding fit and finish and unbeatable accuracy.

If you are looking to get the most accuracy out of your handloads, then start with the best dies we make.

Our MatchMaster full-length busing die sets include a full-length bushing die (neck bushing sold separately) and our MatchMaster seating die.

The bushing die allows you to use interchangeable diameter-specific neck bushings to dial in the perfect amount of neck tension.

Benchrest shooters and long-range precision shooters have been using these systems for years to precisely set the amount of neck tension on the bullet allowing them to achieve the most accuracy possible.

Another benefit of neck bushings is they keep the brass working to a minimum to help extend the life of your brass cases.

Also included with each sizing die is a Titanium carbo-nitride expander that was specifically chosen to help reduce sizing force when utilizing the expander ball.

Each sizing die is machined from our proprietary die steel to exacting tolerances, case hardened, and polished to deliver the best finish possible.

The MatchMaster seater die is beautifully machined, polished, and finished off with a deep-blued finish similar to the finish you would find on some of the finest firearms.

It features a large, oversized adjustment knob that also has oversized letters and hash marks making it both precise to turn, as well as, easy to read.

Dial one-thousandth of an inch, and that is exactly what you will get.

The MatchMaster seater also features our exclusive loading window which allows you to drop the bullet in the opening and run the press to seat your bullet.

No more trying to balance a bullet on a case mouth or putting fingers in danger.

The internal sleeve catches and holds the bullet in perfect alignment with the case and guides it during the seating operation for astoundingly concentric results.

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