Redding 30-06 Deluxe Die Set

Sale price$209.00


Redding dies are made with the finest alloy steels obtainable. The dies are machined on Hardinge Super-Precision® lathes capable of holding the tightest tolerances in the industry. All Redding Dies are guaranteed to produce ammunition that will properly fit any standard (SAAMI) chamber, regardless of action type. To maintain tolerances and guarantee that your dies will last a lifetime, they are heat treated in atmo spherically controlled furnaces.

All dies are hand polished for smooth, flawless functioning, inspected, and are ultra sonically cleaned before packaging. The Redding die box doubles as a handy cartridge loading block and storage package. Inside the box you will find a spare decapping pin, hex wrench, and a place for your shellholder! All Redding dies use the industry standard 7/8-14 threaded bodies.

Deluxe die sets for bottleneck cases contain three dies. They are a special packaging of our full length die sets with the addition of a neck (NK) sizing die.

Your choice of reloading dies should not be a casual one. Your dies literally shape the quality and function of your reloads. Because they are so important, we give them a lot of attention.

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