Redding The Boss Pro-Pak Deluxe Reloading Kit

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The Redding Pro Pak has been the perfect beginning for generations of America's most successful handloaders. Previously, this kit was available with either a Boss or Big Boss Press. For 2013, the Pro Pak family has gained a new member.

The Redding Pro Pak is now offered with the highly respected Big Boss II press. This 100% American made press features a high density, tight grain structure cast iron frame produced to Redding's specific formulation at a family-owned Pennsylvania foundry. All Big Boss II components are CNC machined and individually hand fitted in Redding's Cortland NY facility. All of which, assures decades of precise and reliable function even on big cases and tough forming jobs.

The Big Boss II also features a unique spent primer removal system, which drops the primer and associated debris straight down through the center of ram and into a captive tube below the press. This keeps dirt, grime and other spurious matter away from the interface of the press frame and ram, thereby protecting the critical surfaces from unnecessary wear and tear during use.

The new Big Boss II Pro Pak continues the tradition of a great start into handloading with all of the basic tools needed to build a first loading bench with durable, quality tools in one box at a price which is discounted off the individual pieces. Redding Reloading Equipment has focused on building the finest quality American Made products for the precision handloading market since 1946.

This kit includes the following items:

- Big Boss Reloading Press (one of the favorites among many reloaders at Sinclair)

- Model 2 Powder and Bullet Scale (one of the most accurate balance beam scales in reloading)

- Powder Trickler - One of the most heavy duty ones available

- Pad Style Case Lube Kit (includes lube and pad)

-Case mouth deburring tool (chamfers and deburs)

- Powder funnel

- Annual Reloading Magazine

- Model #18 Case Preparation kit

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