Spartan Springbok Quad System

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Agile and lightweight, the SpringBok shooting sticks provide unsurpassed stability and control with two points of contact on your rifle.

Their innovative silicone body design allows rapid shooting position changes, while the wide rear cradle and MagnaSwitch™ rifle quick detach system offer a vast lateral movement range for tracking targets, perfect for active hunters in both woodland and open plains.

Product Features

• Provides quick and stable shooting in seated, kneeling, and standing positions, ideal for hunters stalking through tall vegetation and taking rapid shots within 200 to 300 yards.

• Swift shooting position changes without mechanical adjustment.

• Unrivalled Quick Detach with MagnaSwitch™. Unlike typical quad sticks, the Springbok offers locked-in stability, increasing effective range and accuracy. It attaches in seconds to rifles equipped with any Spartan Classic Adapters.

• Track Targets + Level Scope - The wide rear cradle, combined with the silicon body design, allows you to track moving targets and level your scope on uneven ground.

• High-Performance Locks - Two-part legs with high-performance rubber-coated leg locks that facilitate quiet and easy height adjustments.

• Adaptable Shooting Stick Configurations - Adapt to a one-legged or two-legged support, catering to various hunting styles like Pürsch, predator, and calling hunts.

• Stabilise Your Binoculars - Seamlessly attach binoculars with our lightweight binocular adapter for quick and effective glassing.

• Premium Craftsmanship and High-Quality Materials - Meticulously crafted from silicon, 7075 hard anodised aluminium and high-quality carbon fiber.


• Weight: 3 lbs / 1.37 kg

• Ground Clearance Legs Collapsed: 35 ½" / 90 cm

• Ground Clearance Legs Extended: 61" / 155 cm

• Lowest Ground Clearance: 23 ½” / 60cm

• Cant: 15° left and right

• Traverse: 10 meters left and right at 100 meter distance

• Packed Width: 

          Cradle Width: 5 ¾” / 15cm

          Legs Width: 2 ¾” / 7cm

• Packed Length: 37 ¾” / 96cm

• Mounting Options: Spartan Classic Adapters

• Calibre Rating: Up to 300 WM

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