Speer 257 100gr SPBT 100pk Projectiles

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Extend your range on medium game with Speer® Boat-Tail bullets. Designed for the long-range shooter, these bullets’ tapered heel flattens trajectories and decreases wind drift. On impact, they expand rapidly for quick, clean kills.

  • Designed for long-range shooting
  • Boat-tail design and tapered heel
  • High ballistic coefficient and a flat trajectory
  • Rapid expansion ideal for white-tailed deer and antelope



Caliber .257

Bullet Weight  100

Bullet Weight  100

Bullet Style      Jacketed Soft Point Boat-tail

Ballistic Coefficient     .393

Bullet Length In           0.990in. / 25.15mm

Sectional Density        0.216

Diameter In     0.26

Diameter Mm 6.53

Package Quantity        100

Usage  Hunting

Part Number: 1408


Product Code: 1408

25 Cal

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