Stealthcam 20mp IR Led Now Glow Trail Cam

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The QS20 is a 20 Megapixel compact scouting camera with an 80 foot LoGlo infra-red detection range. 

Each image will display the time, date, and moon phase to give you detailed information on the conditions in your target area.


Photo Resolutions                       20MP/8MP/4MP
Video Resolutions                       720
Detection & IR Range                 80 ft
LEDs                                            18pcs 850nm LEDs
LED Flash Type                            Infrared
Trigger Speed                             0.8 Seconds
Burst Mode                                 1-3 Photos Per Trigger
Recovery time                             5s/10s/15s/30s/60s
PIR and IR Array                          Tinted FX Shield
Image Stamp                               Time/Date/Moon Phase
SD Card Support                         32GB
Batteries Required                      8 AA
Lock Latch                                   Integrated Python Provision

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