Steiner Ranger 3-18x56 4A IR

Sale price$2,699.00


This universal riflescope is ideal for various types of hunting. The larger 56mm objective efficiently gathers light, making it well-suited for twilight and night hunting. With its large field of view , it is the perfect choice during stalking or stand hunting at night. It also features the 4A-I illuminated reticle  that is adjustable for optimum brightness in daylight or very low residual light at night. The extremely fine illuminated dot allows precise shots even at long distances.

  • HIGH-CONTRAST-ED-OPTICS The game stands out even more clearly from its sur-roundings with this special optic. We wanted to makeit possible for hunters to react safely in all situations.
  • OUTSTANDING LIGHT TRANSMISSION  (92%+) Steiner‘s most advanced technology breaks through the darkness with incredibly bright images - take advantage of opportunities other hunters miss.
  • SIMPLE AND COMPACT HANDLING Due to the shorter length of the riflescope, we enable not only compact handling but also the easy use of modern additional clip-on devices, which can be combined according to preference.
  • Lighter than competition Comfortable especially during long stalks and in handling with a rifle
  • Best in class reticle  illumination The fiber dot illumination guarantees a clearly defined dot with extreme cover dimensions that is even brighter
  • XL FIELD OF VIEW  (40.75m on 100m for Ranger 6 1-6x24) for perfect overview and safety in every situation.
  • STEINER ZEROMODE In o‍rder to offer the perfect riflescope even in de-manding situations, we have integrated the Zero Stop technology in our Ranger 6 riflescope for long-dis-tance shots. After adjustment, the turret of the height control can always be reliably turned back to 0.

    Since their introduction in 2015, the Steiner Rangers have become one of the most successful series in Europe. We are now introducing the new Ranger 6 series with many new innovations, improvements and the usual Steiner standard of quality. The innovative and consistent further development of the successful Ranger series. Steiner sets a new milestone in the development of the 6x zoom. Never before has a riflescope in its price segment been so powerful and at the same time as compact as the new Ranger 6 models. Thanks to the short design, modern attachments such as thermal or night vision devices can be easily combined. Easy handling in combination with the military Steiner robustness and high-quality ED glass makes the Ranger 6 riflescope a reliable partner in every situation, even under the most difficult conditions. In close cooperation with hunters, the usability was further developed and improved. The click adjustment of the towers can be heard and felt and offers the user an intuitive handling. Thanks to the High-Contrast-ED Optics developed by Steiner, game stands out more clearly from its surroundings to ensure a safe response in all situations. The improved contrast combined with extreme edge sharpness provides an absolutely impressive and natural picture. The anodized finish of the new Ranger series is characterized by a scratch-resistant and robust surface in accordance with military standards.

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