The Deuce Trowel #2 Orange

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The Deuce is an ultralight toilet trowel/spade for anyone who needs to dig a little hole, put in that hole what you will.

When you're k's away from the nearest long-drop toilet and nature is knocking at the back door, the Deuce comes in very handy indeed. This tough little trowel makes it easy to dispose of your waste responsibly.

  • Constructed from Aluminium
  • Weighs only 17 g 
  • Measures 173 mm long

Bury it right!

Burying your waste at a proper depth (at least 150 mm) is far better than using a shallow hole or covering it with a rock. Properly buried waste and toilet paper decomposes naturally without impacting other campers.

The Deuce makes it easy to dig a small 'cathole' to the right depth. It is the only trowel that can be used upside down – you can dig with either the wide end or narrow (handle) end. 

Designed in Colorado by Mike at The Tent Lab and made by DAC in South Korea, The Deuce is ridiculously light at only 17 grams and measures 173 mm long. It's very tough and sharp enough to cut small roots.

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