Venom 7ft 6inch Swimbait Baitcaster Rod 30-50lb 2pce

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The barra impoundment scene was the birth place of the Venom long baitcasting rods when anglers demanded a rod that could cast soft plastics and swimbaits longer distances.

At the heart of this development was Peter Price, a gun barra impoundment angler who knew that with increased pressure came the need to be further from the fish - and he was spot on.

In more recent times, cod anglers have discovered the brilliance behind Pricey's original ideas and have embraced the longer length baitcasters that have allowed bigger lures to be cast greater distances.

Featuring a full Fuji fit out, the long baitcasters have EVA grips to ensure comfort and durability. Taking full advantage of the patented Venom blank, these baitcasters offer anglers an unimagined advantage over brutish fish with the ability to cast extra metres and turn tough fish.

Available in 6kg and 8kg in the 7 foot models, the new Venom Swimbait rod has recently been added to the range and comes in at 7'6" with its primary function being the ability to deliver the biggest of lures to the strongest of fish.

Dedicated casting rods that are at their best when being fished in the hand, the Venom Long Baitcast series will keep you in the game.

Why risk going into battle with anything other than the best?

Code Description Line Cast Guides Pieces
RLFVSWB Venom Swimbait EVA 7'6" 30-50lb 28-140g 9 + Tip 2

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