Venom Baitcaster Rod 6kg 5ft 9inch

Sale price$549.00


The range of cork handled Venom baitcasters was designed to give anglers a super tough stick that can cast accurately every time.

The shortest of the Venom Baitcast range, the cork handled baitcasters come in at 5'9" making them ideal for casting into tight structure accurately.

But their short stature does not mean these rods are not built for work. 

The lightest 4kg stick is perfect for fishing for bass, Murray cod, golden perch and jacks, while the heaviest 10kg model will pull the plug out! Mostly used as a casting rod, the Venom cork handled baitcasters are amongst the most popular northern estuary rods on the market.

Fully fitted out with Fuji components, the Venom baitcaster range gives you accuracy and strength in tight spots.


Code Description Rating Cast Guides Pieces
RLFVBC5 Venom Baitcaster Cork 5'9" 4kg 7-28g 8 1
RLFVBC6 Venom Baitcaster Cork 5'9" 6kg 10-50g 8 1
RLFVBC7 Venom Baitcaster Cork 5'9" 8kg 12-65g 8 1
RLFVBC8 Venom Baitcaster Cork 5'9" 10kg 12-80g 8 1

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