SmartRest Bipod II & Knuckle

Sale price$149.00


The SmartRest Dual Swivel Knuckle and Bipod II is a specific designed Bipod and Swivel set up for universal use. It has extra height and quick adjustments for the shooter in the field. It is extremely tough, light and easy to use. It does not feature any spring loaded parts, or any locks or noisy clicking mechanisms. It is completely silent.

The Bipod has Dual swivel plains, including a roll/tilt feature and a 180 degree swivel arc. It is 11inches tall but can reduce to a lower height by simply rotating the arc to lower the level within seconds. 

Great for:

1. Bench Rest shooting

2. Target shooting

3. Tactical style fore grip use

4. Bipod on the base the Hyper Pod models  

5. Hunting

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