Lake Eildon is fishing amazingly at the start of December. The lake has seen great fishing since the start of cod season and recent catches have proven big and abundant. One group of fishermen caught four Murray Cod over 1m. The biggest catch was a massive 120cm. The same group managed to catch another fourteen Murray Cod over four days. Sizes ranged from 55cm to 120cm. Abundant big fish shows why Lake Eildon is a magnet for fishing.

Local knowledge and persistence paid off in catching those fifteen cod. With his own fishing know-how, my cousin Darren Baldi and mates had a houseboat holiday of a lifetime. They were the successful group that caught fourteen cod on bait and one on the troll in the Goulburn River and arm of Lake Eildon. Weather was sunny blue skies with clear water clarity. Bait used was chicken, yabby and grubs. To catch them they first tied up to trees on one side and cast to the other side of the river. Then they let the bait sink to the bottom and reel in slightly. The result was a great success! You cannot beat local knowledge like you get from the team of MH&F.


By Kai Longstaff – MH&F Young Angler

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